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BSD watch (or: poor man’s GNU watch)

On GNU, there’s a neat com­mand to keep an eye on arbi­trary com­mands. It’s very use­ful when a fel­low sysad­min needs to mon­i­tor some­thing else than log files, or trace bina­ries. Naïve as I am, I tried to use this on a FreeBSD sys­tem as well, only to dis­cover that the default watch com­mand does […]

Get the sum of a column in shell (using awk) or: find out cumulative memory consumption

The title already gives it already away, awk is the tool to use here: awk ‘{ SUM += $YOUR_FIELDNUMBER} END { print SUM }’ where YOUR_FIELDNUMBER is the num­ber of the col­umn you want to sum (the dol­lar sign is required!). I needed lit­tle one­liner to find out how much mem­ory php was con­sum­ing on a […]

fstab gone in Mac OS X — How to add mounts.

Recently, I had to add a mount entry to a rel­a­tively new Mac OS X Server instal­la­tion (Snow Leop­ard). As you may have noticed, the /etc/fstab file is gone. There is a /etc/fstab.hd, but it con­tains a stern warn­ing not to use it. Err…but where does one note mounts with­out this file? Reg­u­lar, directly attached devices […]

Setting up virtual users in vsftpd

I’ve set up a FTP server for me and my col­leagues. This was a mat­ter of honor (don’t want to go all Duke Nukem on my friends) and as a such, it had to be done cor­rectly. So, I’ve had some require­ments prior to set­ting up: It must be secure It must scale (hey, we start […]