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mac os x

Hidden Gems: Boolean Spotlight Queries

By now, any decent user of Mac OS X will know and have used Spot­light. Maybe loved, maybe hated it (I’m slowly com­ing to terms with it). In clas­sic Apple fash­ion, it’s dead sim­ple to use and needs only a text input field, where you enter what­ever comes to mind when you’re look­ing for that […]

fstab gone in Mac OS X — How to add mounts.

Recently, I had to add a mount entry to a rel­a­tively new Mac OS X Server instal­la­tion (Snow Leop­ard). As you may have noticed, the /etc/fstab file is gone. There is a /etc/fstab.hd, but it con­tains a stern warn­ing not to use it. Err…but where does one note mounts with­out this file? Reg­u­lar, directly attached devices […]