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TFTS 2: How to get stable RAM

In TFTS 1, I talked about my expe­ri­ence with bad RAM that kept screw­ing up my chi (Note to self: return those soon).

But as with the cur­rent state of con­sumer grade RAM, how to get some­thing rock sta­ble for home use ? Aside from the cost, most often you can’t even use server grade RAM with your oh-so-shiny gam­ing moth­er­board, as it’s tuned more for the looks than seri­ous fea­tures (ECC comes to mind).

My solu­tion, as with many other things, is excess. Just plain, old, over­do­ing. I can already see the rolling eyes of my friends, but hey, so far, the results speak for them­selves. Step-by-step guide:

  1. Buy stan­dard RAM that is sold with no heat spread­ers. Naked, bare chips 1.
  2. Buy RAM heat sinks (best with a exposed grate, not just heat spreaders).
  3. Craft Item SuperDuper­Lick­A­li­cious RAM by com­bin­ing #1 and #2 form inventory.
  4. Install crafted item into computer.
  5. ???

Such custom-built RAM is usu­ally more durable and less stressed to begin with. It’s best to get RAM from man­u­fac­tur­ers that are also OEMs for com­puter man­u­fac­tur­ers. I usu­ally refer to Kingston, but YMMV.


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