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February, 2012

TFTS 2: How to get stable RAM

In TFTS 1, I talked about my expe­ri­ence with bad RAM that kept screw­ing up my chi (Note to self: return those soon). But as with the cur­rent state of con­sumer grade RAM, how to get some­thing rock sta­ble for home use ? Aside from the cost, most often you can’t even use server grade RAM […]

BSD watch (or: poor man’s GNU watch)

On GNU, there’s a neat com­mand to keep an eye on arbi­trary com­mands. It’s very use­ful when a fel­low sysad­min needs to mon­i­tor some­thing else than log files, or trace bina­ries. Naïve as I am, I tried to use this on a FreeBSD sys­tem as well, only to dis­cover that the default watch com­mand does […]